Colocation Services in 13 datacenters across Greater China
Hong Kong Colocation
Server colocation services in Hong Kong. We use primarily a carrier-neutral datacenter, which allows our clients to choose their IP from 4 different carriers.
Macau Colocation
Sinoservers one of the first companies to provide colocation services in Macau, where our main office is located. Due to a strong demand and limited rack space however, this service is subject to availability.
Taiwan Colocation
Sinoservers offers 1U and 2U colocation services in Taiwan. Three datacenters to select from.
Beijing Colocation
Colocation services in Beijing. Choice between a dual line and Unicom datacenters.
Shanghai Colocation
Colocation services in Shanghai. Seven datacenters and 4 carriers to select from. Monthly term with no contract.
Zhejiang Colocation
Server colocation in 3 cities in Zhejiang province: Ningbo, Shaoxing and Huzhou.
Guangdong Colocation
Server colocation in Guangdong province. Five datacenters to select from. Servers are dispatched through our logistics base in Shenzhen.
Chongqing Colocation
Server colocation at Chongqing Telecom, Unicom or dual line.